Kindness Builds Resilience – Stay connected with us!

"honor who you are"
Be aware of what is important to you and allow others to see your true self.
"exercise your power to choose"
Develop an ability to look for positive lessons in your daily challenges.
"develop strong roots to weather change"
Be willing to take a proactive approach to creating a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.
"commit to grow your potential"
Have a firm commitment to lifelong learning.
“Practice honesty with Consideration”
Be true to yourself and others.
“Step through fear to do what is Right”
Be strong enough to make hard decisions.
“Welcome others into your circle”
Continually nurture your network.
”Take positive action wherever you can”
It is bold to remain positive in the face of adversity.
“Reach out to those around you”
Engage in meaningful conversations.

Why Kindness?

Because we believe every person should feel valued, respected and heard.


Our Global Study on Kindness taps into the emotional culture of your team or organization- we make sense of it and share it with you.


We work closely with your survey results to tailor strategies so that your event, program or development process builds on your specific real-time results.


Our framework centers around pushing structured vibrant dialogue, moving people to embrace personal insights and challenging individuals toward positive behavior change.

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Survey Respondents

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Kindness Builds Resilience – Stay connected with us!

Start with Yourself

By creating a strong foundation, through self care and resilience building, we are then capable of expressing kindness to others. Our words, thoughts and deeds reflect our character and shape our journey.

Support your Team

People may forget what we have said or done for them, but they rarely forget how we make them feel. Courageous colleagues demonstrate friendship and compassion and build trusting relationships, thus creating circles of positive influence. They nurture strength of character both within themselves and others.

Reshape your Organization

When kindness is integrated into all aspects of an organization it becomes a standard for decision-making and actions. When openly permitted, kindness begins to provide an easily understood ‘emotional benchmark’ for recharging and centering individuals in the midst of stress and the daily changes of today’s transitional workplace.


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