Contribute to our Global Research on Kindness as an individual or organization.

MY Kindness Engagement Index™ for Individuals

This limited-time complimentary offer is an invitation to complete an individual self-assessment to measure one’s Kindness Factor within the three themes of kindness (Oneself, Colleagues, Community) and the 12-Character Traits of Kindness.   Once completed you can download the aggregate global data.  This means you are seeing the results of how everyone has answered each question.  This is a great practical learning tool that challenges you to see kindness through many lenses and encourages you to build your competency in each of the twelve Character Traits of Kindness.  The magic of building your character is that you can start anywhere, any place and to any degree that you want. These traits belong to you at the end of the day; they are not a commodity that, if given away, disappears. In fact, if you share them, they grow.

Complete the survey to view the global index score and download a user-friendly definition of each character trait and practical ideas to jumpstart your kindness dimension scores today!

Kindness Engagement Index™ for Teams & Organizations (KEI)

The KEI for Teams and Organizations can be completed in 6 minutes and looks holistically at your organization’s emotional culture.  Your culture is deeply affected by the aggregate emotions of the people within the organization.  These emotions are observable both positive and negative and witnessed verbally and non-verbally, thus being expressed through one’s character and behaviors.  These emotions are manifested in ways such as employees feeling safe at work, that what they do matters, is purposeful and that they have a strong sense of belonging and community.  The goal of this survey and mentoring process is to move people to consciously manage their employees’ emotions as equally as we do their mindset thus creating relationships of depth and integrity and an upsurge in employee engagement.

Complete the survey to view the global index score and download a user-friendly definition of each character trait and practical ideas to jumpstart your kindness dimension scores today!

Arrange a KEI review for your organization:

To participate in our KEI review contact us to arrange a complimentary survey for your organization.


Ask us about how we can ignite your group to want to build a culture of respect, of kindness and of collaboration.


Whether your event is a conference, part of your corporate development strategy or you wish to extend a specific invitation to us to help you spread the message of inclusion, resilience and respect in your workplace our workshops are the perfect way to get your team engaged.

Fostering a Culture of Kindness:

A New Competency for a New Era

60-90 min

This inspirational and thought-provoking program brings to life the true value of selfless acts of kindness at work through the discussion of 12 Character-Building Traits that raise one’s self-awareness and personal accountability for the development of a respectful and caring workplace culture. Full of research, client engagement stories and practical steps to put into practice- this keynote always leaves people on their feet.

The Optimistic Leader:

The Power of a Positive Workplace

60-90 min

Optimism is related to the word “optimize,” which is to “make the best of” the circumstances or given situation by taking responsibility for the energy and vitality you bring to the space surrounding you.   Everyone loves to work with optimistic individuals who have a propensity to demonstrate higher confidence, are more motivated to find solutions; rather than giving up or avoiding an issue, as well they tend to adapt more readily to what comes their way — in short, they are resilient and know how to bounce back by using a wider array of positive emotions.

Compassionate Action

The Deeper Stories Beyond Kindness

60-90 min

Compassion is the bedrock of a healthy society.  Each person must assume responsibility to craft engaged and meaningful lives for themselves and others through compassionate actions.  We all know that the people who make a difference in our lives are not the ones with the credentials, but the ones with genuine concern and care for us.  This keynote encourages everyone to reach inside and embrace the innate wellspring of compassion within and discover the four aspects of a compassionate steward, and then, to take responsibility to impact the world around them.

Four Generations- One Workplace:

Embracing the Strengths of Inclusion

60-90 min

Based on her bestselling book this session touches on best practices, social research and wrongful perceptions in order to create the fabric of a respectful workplace ripe for recruitment, retention and high levels of engagement. It’s time to acknowledge that it isn’t our differences that divide us but the judgments we have created about one another that interferes with our collaborative efforts.   In this session, you will learn about the RAW foundation guidelines for each cohort (Request, Approach, Work Credo) and to come away with a user-friendly outline on how to stack the Generational DECK™ (Develop, Engage, Collaborate and Keep).

We create a safe space where positive learning can occur.

To find out more about our individualized learning outcomes contact us today!


Our full day workshops get your team engaged and talking about what it meant to be kind.


Our full day events are designed to bring organizations together.

Fostering a Culture of Kindness

Full Day Program

Includes Team Kindness Engagement Assessment

First, we facilitate your team taking the Kindness Engagement Assessment  online and the data from your team is used to tailor this full-day program so that the information delivered is designed specifically for you – in real time. This is a day spent celebrating the highlights of your specific culture and looking at ways to build a kinder space for everyone in your team to learn and thrive. It is a day of dialogue and sharing, group work and team connection. It is a day chock-full of emotional intelligence that brings together an energy and connection that is the propulsion for growth.

  • How kind is your culture?
  • Do people feel supported to call-out negative behavior?
  • Are you taking positive action to build a culture of kindness?
  • Find out how we can help.

The Optimistic Leader

Full Day Program

Building a Culture of Resilience with the Power of Appreciation

Optimistic leaders have a propensity to demonstrate higher confidence in how they interact with their environment, as well they tend to adapt more readily to what comes their way — in short, they are resilient and know how to bounce back by using a wider array of positive emotions.   Research indicates there is a magical ratio that can dramatically affect team success, family relationships, and individual fulfillment.  To cultivate and grow optimism we must also cultivate and grow our appreciation of the world around us personally and professionally.

  • Exploring Optimism and Pessimism- links to productivity and engagement 
  • Inspiration or Motivation: leading vs. managing
  • Fostering Belonging: Purpose & Meaningful Work
  • Fostering a Positive Climate
  • Fostering two-fold positive Presence

Emerging Leaders Intensive

Full or Half Day Program

Learn to Engage with Respect

A workshop designed specifically to support emerging and current young leaders to navigate the ever-changing and sometimes frustrating terrain of the corporate world. Each generation builds off of the last and each requires wisdom and knowledge transfer to be set up for success.   The key to a sustainable career is understanding there is no security in any job. /br It is in the person who holds the job.  

  • Leading Yourself & Others through Intergenerational & Personality Challenges
  • Redefining Workplace Expectations
  • Managing Upward

Engagement Inc.

Full or Half Day Program

Building a Culture of Resilience with the Power of Appreciation

Everyone wants to be part of a workplace where they can bring their whole self to work every day.  When foundation needs are met you have a satisfied workforce.  When higher needs, such as purposeful work are met, you create employee engagement and connection. What creates an engaged workforce and what strategies really leverage the level of worker engagement? In this interactive session, you will dialogue about these important questions and determine what really works for you.

  • Put the ‘human’ back into Human Resources (Specific groups only)
  • Changing Demographics/Changing Strategies
  • Four Generations-Four Engagement Tactics   
  • Creating a Culture of Appreciation

Building Collaborative Relationships

Full Day Program

Build Spirit

Harnessing the power of a spirited team is to embrace the power of a positive, diverse and committed group of individuals who see past themselves to the common good of all. Building collaborative relationships means building a safe environment where ideas can be expressed and explored. This program is designed to assist individuals and teams in developing a trusting community that values respect and cooperation. Building Collaborative Relationships within a company happens intentionally and is the key to weathering change and transition successfully.

  • Personal Collaboration
  • Interpersonal Collaboration
  • Cultural Collaboration

Four Generations - One Workplace

Full or Half Day Program

Communicating in the Information Age

Whether you are a leader or a member of a team everyone is aware of the unique generational values that are transforming how we work.  Fostering interconnectedness is crucial to survive and thrive. This workshop is designed to bring to light the best of each generation and break down judgments getting in the way of genuine collaboration. It isn’t our differences that divide us, rather the judgments we have created about one another that create a lack of cohesive efforts.   

  • Change and Transition in the New World of Work
  • Working Together
  • Stacking the Generational DECK™

Compassionate Stewardship: the Leader’s Role

Full or Half Day Program

Learn to Act with Compassion

Compassion is the bedrock of a healthy society.  Each person must assume responsibility to craft engaged and meaningful lives for themselves and others through compassionate action.  We all know that the people who make a difference in our lives are not the ones with the credentials, but the ones with genuine concern and care for us.  This program encourages everyone to reach inside, discover the four aspects of a compassionate steward and then to take responsibility to impact the world one kind act at a time.

The Compassionate Leaders Role

Who, what, where, when and why & how?

Compassionate Optimism

Transform pessimism into optimism.

Compassionate Purpose

Connect to the deeper purpose of your work.

Compassionate Belonging

Expand our community to create more belonging.

Compassionate Presence

Be intentionally present with yourself and others.


Licenced Partnerships

Based on 20 years of research, countless client test-runs, we have distilled the learning down to a manageable process to get you and your culture on its way!


We start with a formal assessment of your unique culture using the Kindness Engagement Index;


We use your specific data and we tailor the Kindness-Speaks Mentor Series to teach and reinforce the values identified in your survey;


We will help you implement four practical foundations that immediately help you build strong collaborative relationships, improve resilience skills and contribute to respective work environments. These four foundations will influence all workplace employees to be kinder to oneself, colleagues and their community;


We show you how to increase micro- training moments to enhance the everyday effectiveness of respectful communication and superior service delivery. These conversations thread easily into your current culture or curriculum allowing for instant application of materials to daily work regimes in all positions.


Our micro learning modules tap the wisdom of groups and contributors. They synthesize and explore their own personal connections during robust short learning bursts designed to enhance respectful workplace behaviors and build personal resilience.


Our process changes workplace conversations to place emphasis on positive actions rather than allowing the conversation to gravitate to being negative or toward naysayers.

Fostering A Culture of Kindness

An Organizational Initiative

Maintaining a great culture takes intention, commitment and hard work. Building a culture into a better one does too.  This initiative combines our KEI survey tool that enables you to measure where your employees are on the Kindness Engagement Index and the Fostering a Culture of Kindness Licensed Initiative – up to three years of content/tools. The tools provided will help you build a culture where people feel respected, valued and heard.

Fostering a Culture of Kindness in Healthcare

An Organizational Initiative

Healthcare is an industry like no other. It is a high touch-high stress work environment where the highs can quickly be overcome by the lows.

Healthcare is a high performance demanding industry and it commands the very best from every member of the team 24/7.

This Kindness Initiative is chock full of healthcare-specific tools to help you foster a culture of kindness.

In short….

We combine your survey data with our foundational principles, teach you to have meaningful micro conversations based on your data and give you positive reinforcement tools. We use technology and gamify kindness and we support you with structured video and endless coaching to mentoring your culture to thrive as a Culture of Kindness.

Find out more about our services.

If you would like to participate in our complimentary KEI review and schedule an event to engage your team get in touch with us today!