Kindness Carrier Kit!


This Kindness Carrier Kit will get you on the way to influencing kindness wherever you are.
Discover best practices by reading Olivia McIvor’s best-selling book The Business of Kindness and learn how to turn a toxic workplace into a kindness focused workplace. Use the Kindness@Work Character Trait Building Cards to actualize workplace kindness and reflect on ways your personal intentions are being embraced by journaling in your guided Kindness Journal and capture your progress. Lastly, use your little bag of 25 be kind buttons to spread some kindness while at the same time gently reminding others. Worn around the workplace our buttons remind everyone that building a kind workplace requires intention.

– The Business of Kindness softcover
– Kindness @ Work Character Building Card Series
– Be Kind Buttons – pack of 25
– Be Kind sticky notes – 2 pack
– The Kindness Journal

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