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” relationships ultimately determine the health, well-being and success of any business”

Olivia McIvor

Olivia McIvor

Olivia McIvor helps leaders and their teams build workplaces where everyone feels respected, valued and heard. Her research impacts how we manage the complexity of the modern workplace and her strategies drive cultural transformation. Her background includes fast-paced HR leadership in the financial and retail industries and now is an adviser to organizations, corporations, and foundations globally. She helps leaders embrace their responsibility to provide workspaces that enable people to work at their best. Workplaces that are safe, violence-free, respectful and engaging. She is a master micro learning expert, a three-time best-selling author and an endless producer of learning tools to improve people’s experiences of life and work.
Leslie Nolin

Leslie Nolin

Leslie Nolin has a long rich background in the agency of intellectual capital. As a publisher, product developer, television series producer and agent, she has spent over 20 years bringing stories and learning tools to the learner. “People embrace positive change for themselves when you teach them their options and show them they have a choice and are supported.” As a former critical care nurse, she made the transition from receiving broken people to collaborating with thought leaders who equip people with tools to enrich their lives.
Jeff Vanderwielen

Jeff Vanderwielen

Jeff VanderWielen is a seasoned researcher, facilitator, and author. His work spans three decades of global change projects and operational culture change efforts and he is armed with a host of models, tools, and methodologies that bring the Global Study on Kindness research to light. A former adjunct professor at National University, Dr. VanderWielen earned his Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from California School of Professional Psychology.

Why Kindness?

What are our motives?

A question a leader may ask is, what place does kindness have in business? Kindness is a simple concept – too simple some might think to provide a solution to the complex challenges of work. But, it is precisely this simplicity that gives kindness such power to affect harmonious change at all levels within individuals and organizations. When kindness is integrated into all aspects of an organization it becomes a standard for decision-making and actions. When openly permitted, kindness begins to provide an easily understood ‘emotional benchmark’ for recharging and centering individual in the midst of stress and the daily changes of today’s transitional workplace.

Each day, we need to be reminded that relationships are always front and center in the discussions relating to how business and communities thrive. We intuitively know that kindness is a powerful and meaningful antidote within everyone’s grasp because our society is built on a foundation of relationships and they connect individuals to families, work environments and communities. From playgrounds to our staffrooms, trusting and appreciative relationships lie at the heart of our challenges as well as our solutions. The quality of our relationships ultimately determines the health, well-being and success of any business and society.

Core Teaching Principles

What can you gain from working with kindness speaks?
  • Learn to link cultural transformation directly to the Kindness Engagement Index, helping to shape the emotional culture of your organization and create an upsurge in employee engagement levels.
  • Generate a culture where the three themes of kindness are embedded into the fabric of your organization through an integrated micro-learning approach.
  • Enliven the innate kindness in everyone as a foundation to enhance the employee and client experience so everyone feels valued, respected and heard.
  • Expand the competency level of the twelve character traits of kindness from the frontline to the boardroom, thereby, fostering a culture of kindness by integrating the “language of kindness” into everyday interactions.

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